LAWYER WITHOUT BORDERS offers seminars and lectures regarding international conflict management solutions and training. With our best price offer we can expand our customer-base.

We have more than 20 years of international experience in the manegement of conflicts on an international level and we have been assisting members of the  United Nations, the European Parliament, German Bundestag and the Parliament of the state of Hesse in Germany.

The seminars and lecture cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Conflict Prevention    


  • Child Abduction                 


  • Criminal Abuse Mediation   


  • Diversity Training after Discrimination Complaint w/o. Firm Statistics  


  • Diversity Training after Discrimination Complaint w. Firm Statistic &      Firm Statistics Follow-Up/s 

  • Insurance Negotiations  


  • Intellectual Property Infringement Prevention  


  • International Business Transactions         


  • International Child Abduction              


  • International Child Custody Battle US-European Union/Germany   


  • International Child Custody Battle US-Iran  


  • International Family Conflicts             


  • International Inheritance        


  • International Trade Constraint Laws            


  • International Warrants          


  • EU/US Data Protection Law Issues            


  • Preparation Cases for Victims of Islamic Terrorist       

Please contact us if you wish to receive further information with regard to our seminars and lectures. We provide you with all the details concerning dates and prices.