Below you will find an overview of visas in the United States. For immigration matters we do not give any legal services.



Work Visas


•           H-1B Visas - Persons working in specialty occupations requiring at least a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in on-the-job experience, and distinguished fashion models

•           H-2A Visas -Temporary agricultural workers coming to the U.S. to fill positions for which a temporary shortage of American workers has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

•           H2B Visa - Temporary workers of various kinds coming to the U.S. to perform temporary jobs for which there is a shortage of available, qualified American workers.

•           H-3 Visas - Temporary trainees coming for on-the-job training unavailable in their home countries.Temporary trainees coming for on-the-job training unavailable in their home countries.

•           L-1 Visas - Intracompany transferees who work as managers, executives, or persons with specialized knowledge

•           TN Visas - Work visas for Canadians and Mexicans under the NAFTA free trade agreement


Temporary Visas


•           B-1 Visas - Business visitors.

•           B-2 Visas - Visitors for tourism or medical treatment

•           E-1 Visas - Treaty traders working for a U.S. trading company that does 50% or more of its business with the trader's home country.

•           E-2 Visas - Treaty investors working for a U.S. company with 50% or more of its investment capital coming from the worker's home country.

•           F-1 Visas - Academic or language students

•           J-1 Visas - Exchange visitors coming to the U.S. to study, work, or train as part of an exchange program officially recognized by the U.S. Information Agency.

•           K-1 Visas - Fiances or fiancees of U.S. citizens coming to the U.S. for the purpose of getting married.

•           O-1 Visas - Persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.

•           P-1 Visas - Internationally recognized athletes and entertainers, and their essential support staff

•           P-2 Visas - Entertainers coming to perform in the U.S. through a government-recognized exchange program

•           P-3 Visas - Artists and entertainers coming to the U.S. in a group to present culturally unique performances.

•           Q-1 Visas Exchange visitors coming to the U.S. to participate in international cultural exchange programs

•           R-1 Visas- Ministers and other workers of recognized religions.

•           Visa Waiver Program


Permanent Visas


•           Green Card for Physicians in Underserved Areas

•           Green Card: EB-1

•           Green Card: EB-2

•           Green Card: EB-3 for Workers

•           Green Card: EB-3 for Nurses & Physical Therapists

•           Green Card: EB-2 National Interest Waivers (NIW)

•           Green Card: EB-5 Investment

•           PERM: Permanent Labor Certification