LAWYER WITHOUT BORDERS         Dr. Dr. Iranbomy


LAWYER WITHOUT BORDERS is part of services of Law Office of Dr. Dr. Iranbomy in Germany located in Frankfurt and its purpose encompasses the provision of legal, economic and cultural solutions.      
The prime areas of expertise focus on alternative conflict-management resolutions, customer`s cross-border foreign direct and portfolio investment transactions, real estate, and financing international projects.
Furthermore, our office has values experiences in international family conflict management regulation, inheritance and child-custody issues, as well as cultural-diversity including religious issues. 
LAWYER WITHOUT BORDERS works in cooperation with a network of Lawyers and can offer his clients optimal and time-efficient support for the planning and the implementation of the  victims of crimes.

Our experience is your benefit. We are at your side with advice  and action.

Dr. Dr. Iranbomy is a German-Iranian Lawyer with high academic and United Nation background worldwide who is an expert with conflict-management experinces with people of China, Dubai, Kurdistan, Turkey, Germany, Iran and United States.

LAWYER WITHOUT BORDERS is an advantage for the goals of democratization of the world and stabilization of civil society based of law and order. With our experience from the last century and our knowledge we can offer consulting services for people who have become victims of law breakers.

We offer full consulations for private individuals and companies from all over the world.